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Q: How do I obtain warranty or non-warranty service for my Zebco product?
A: We encourage you to contact the Zebco Authorized Service Center (click here) in your area. Should a service center not be located in your area, please e-mail our Customer Service department for specific directions on how you can obtain service and/or parts for your Zebco product. Download a product return form HERE.

Q: How do I order parts for my Zebco reel?
A: We've made it easy for you to order parts online. Just click here for our online parts store.

Q: Can I get parts for my fishing rod?
A: Due to the numerous styles and applications, Zebco does not carry replacement parts for fishing rods. Please contact our Customer Service department for more details on our Rod Exchange Program.

Q: I have a question about rebates.
A: For rebate questions ONLY, please call our Rebate Department at 1-800-782-6116.

Q: Do you accept credits cards for payment of parts?
A: Yes. For your convenience, we accept Visa and MasterCard.

Q: I have an idea I would like to submit, can I do that?
A: To submit an idea Click Here

Q: What is Proposition 65?
A: For information, Click Here

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