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Zebco Fishing The term panfish or pan-fish has been used to refer to a wide range freshwater fish species including Yellow Perch, Candlefish, Balaos, Sand Launces, Rock Bass, Bullheads, Minnows, Rocky Mountain Whitefish, Sand Rollers, Crappie, Yellow Bass, White Bass, Croaker and of course most of the common small sunfishes such as bluegill and redear sunfish.

How To Keep Bait Lively
Panfish experts agree that fresh, lively bait is vital for panfishing success. Keep minnows cool and well-aerated in your boat's livewell or in a bucket with an aerator pump. Night crawlers should be kept cool and moist in a container packed with worm bedding or moss. Crickets should be kept out of direct sunlight in a screened container; they'll stay hoppin' fresh if you feed them some moist bread scraps between fishing trips.

Use Lighweight Jigs
Small soft-plastic jigs are tremendous lures for all species of panfish, but don't use one that's too heavy. Start with a light (1/32 to 1/16 oz.) leadhead — this will have a slow, enticing fall, just like an injured minnow. White, pink and chartreuse are proven colors. Cast them around shallow wood cover and swim them back to the boat with a slow, steady retrieve. If fish happen to be deep, or if the wind picks up, switch to a heavier jig. Store panfish jigs in a multi-sectioned clear plastic utility box and write their weight on the lid above each section with a waterproof marker.

Twist Tail Rule
Arguably the most productive (and least expensive) artificial lure for all panfish varieties is the soft plastic twist-tail grub.

Bite-Sized Baits
Worms are a good bait for bluegills — so good, in fact, that you'll go through scores of worms in no time unless you economize. Once you've attracted a large school of 'gills to your fishing area, use progressively smaller bits of worm on your hook — these panfish are competitive, and when there's a school present, they'll readily bite even the tiniest chunk of worm the instant it hits the water.

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