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Reel will not cast line - Spool empty of line or insufficient line length

- Line tangled behind spinnerhead

- Reel spooled with inappropriate line (i.e. too heavy or braided line)

- Fill spool with new line or replace with new wound spool

- Remove front cover and spinnerhead assembly to untangle line

- Remove all damaged line (i.e. abrasions, kinks)

- Remove line and respool with proper size line. NOTE: Braided line may not work with spincast reels

Gears appear to be rough when turning handle - Lack of lubrication (oil / grease) on gears, bearings and or crankshaft assembly - Add proper lubrication to moving parts
Reel will not pick-up line - Spinnerhead spring missing or broken

- Lack of lubrication on spinnerhead pick-up arm

- Replace spinnerhead

- Add lubrication to spinnerhead pick-up arm on bottom side of spinnerhead

Thumb button will not pop up after depressing - Thumb button hinge ears broken

- Thumb button spring broken or bent

- Replace thumb button or back cover assembly

- Bend spring back to original position

Front cover or back cover cracked - Covers overtightened - Replace broken parts
Anti-Reverse will not work - Anti-Reverse pawl damaged

- Trigger and / or trigger link assembly worn or brlken

- Replae Anti-Reverse pawl

- Remove old grease or dirt / debris and relubricatee with new grease

Drag stuck (will not play out line) - Drag washers sorroded or have dirt / debris in and around spool and drag washer area - Disassemble spool and drag washers and clean spool, spool boss (on body of reel), and drag washers
Reel handle hard to crank - Gears, mainshaft, or crankshaft have old grease, dirt or debris present - Disassemble entire reel and clean thoroughly. Re-lube with new grease

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