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Zebco 808® Bowfisher 808 Magnum | 808 Saltfisher | 808 Bowfisher
Zebco Catfish Fighter

• Tough ABS body and covers
• All-metal gears
• Auto Bait Alert™
• Chrome-plated spool
• Changeable right- or left-hand retrieve

- Ball-bearing drive
- 2.58:1 powerful gears
- Built-in Hook Keeper™
- Pre-spooled with 80 lb. braided line


WARNING: Improper use of this reel can result in serious injury or death.
We recommend that you use a cable or slide system when attaching the line to the arrow. The most hazardous snap-back can occur when fishing line is tied to the tail of an arrow. Snap-back is a condition that can happen when, as the bowstring is released, a trailing loop of line can tangle with the bowstring, cabling, arrow rest, or other items which can result in serious injury or death. Minimize the amount of slack in your line before shooting an arrow. Greater slack in the line increases chance of snap-back of an arrow.

We recommend that you use only 80 lb. MULTIFILAMENT or stronger lines with this reel.
ALWAYS press button on reel to release the line pick-up pins before shooting.
ALWAYS check to see that line is not tangled.
ALWAYS check line for cuts or wear. If the line breaks, you cannot control the path of the arrow.
ALWAYS wet line before firing first shot.
ALWAYS wear eye protection.
DO NOT aim at other people, and keep arrows away from children

We strongly recommend that you take a bowfishing safety course before going bowfishing. For more information, see:
Bowfishing Association of America, Intíl Bowhunter Education Program, National Bowhunter Education Foundation or your local archery shop with bowfishing expertise.

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